Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tatton Park.

Today we were lucky enough to spend the day at Tatton Park and gain free entry to the flower show. Boo being blessed with luck had won us some tickets in a raffle and let me tell you these tickets cost a pretty penny. When we arrived I could see why. Not one for being a gardener myself I began to wish I had green fingers and a fat wad of money in my purse. There were so many  gorgeous items I could visualize in my small garden back home but nether the less enjoyed window shopping in the sun with a glass of pimms in my hand.

This rocking sun lounger was a snip at £250.  I want I want I want.

The last two photos are plants that I came home with along with a free bouquet of Lilly's.  Because it was the last day of the show all the exhibitors were selling their stock really cheap or giving it away in the last half hour. I found it very amusing watching grown adults scrabble for plants. Now if it was Gucci, Pucci,Prada I would understand and most probably join in. Manners went out the window as people pushed and shoved to grab as many bargains as they could.
Overall it was a great day out and am thinking I will go next year but will take a picnic and a credit card.
Nick x


  1. Great pics, lovely garden furniture and flowers :). Is that your daughter? She's so cute :).

    Sadie xx

  2. Thanks Sadie, yep that's Boo

  3. I just love the white table and gorgeous parasol with beads all round. And that rocking sun lounger - I've got the wants too!
    Jane x

  4. love the "ants on rocks" ;D
    my banner art work is sadly something i found online so i can't credit the artist, but i added the fonts and edited the original image myself. :) x

  5. So pretty!! I love all the pictures :)


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