Sunday, 17 July 2011

Birthday Wishes x

So my birthday is fast approaching and I got to thinking daydreaming about what  I would like for this celebratory occasion. Take a look at my wish list and if any of my wonderful family or my lovely followers are feeling generous, I would defiantly love some of the items below in my life. : ) 
("wouldn't we all" I hear you saying, still a girl can dream) x

Never realised I liked the colour pink so much.

1. YSL false lash effect mascara in black  £22
2. London Links pink sweetie drops cord bracelet £85
3. White gold love letter pendent set with diamonds Letter N £450
4. Gucci Snaffle bit small shoulder bag with hand stitching £1,400
5. Victor & Rolf's Flower Bomb Perfume £46.00
6. short swing dress with mesh and trim detail £65

Nick x


  1. Those would be great gifts! One of the plus sides of blogging: though we may not be able to afford all the things we want, at least we can write about them! ;)

    p.s that asos dress is darling!! I hope you can get it!

  2. Everything is so lovely, anything you get will be great.

    Btw, guess what came in the mail for me today? Thanks for the bag! Look for a blog post soon, as I will be carrying it everywhere with me;)

  3. Great wish list, love everything especially the bag.

    Sadie x


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