Saturday, 30 July 2011

Make Me Some Trousers Please?

Here are 2 pairs of trousers that I promised a friend of my sister I would make for her. In hindsight I really should of photographed the original pair that she wanted  me to take a pattern from so you could see the likeness but that's the great thing about hindsight, you never think about it until after the event. 

The choice of fabric was not to my taste but they turned out great and my customer was happy.
So here is how I did it.
First I drew out a pattern by taking measurements and tracing the shape of the original trousers.

I then stitched the pleats in the front trouser to hold in place.

I then sewed the 2 front pieces together and overlocked the raw edges.

Next I sewed the 2 back pieces together and overlocked the raw edges.

I then placed the front trouser to the back trouser, right sides together and sewed down the side seams, once again I overlocked the raw edges.

Then I sewed up the inside of the trouser legs making sure I matched the seams at the crutch .

Next I sewed the waistband to the inside of the trousers for a neat finish to the inside.

On the original pair of trousers only the back of the waistband was elasticated so I secured the elastic to the side seams by stitching it down.

I then folded over the waistband and top stiched down. This is the front.

This is the back.


In other news I have put some children's bags on etsy, they come in blue spot, green spot & Jelly bean print both long and short strap. A snip at only $5 / £3.20 (approx) each x

Nick x


  1. those pants are amazing!
    I wish i were talented/motivated to do that.
    (: x

  2. Love those trousers, I would love to be this good at sewing :)

  3. lovely pants! xoxo


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