Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Thank You

What a lovely two days. It has come to the end of the college year and I have received some lovely gifts and thank you cards from my Fashion students.
Thank you for my beautiful rose plant Emily. The card reads:

'Thanks for teaching me this year and keeping me calm during my crisis. Thanks for teaching me all the things I now know and the time you have put in to allow me to progress'

 Emily also put images of all the groups dresses on a cake for myself & my colleagues. 

 These beautiful flowers were from Kathryn. The card reads:

'Thankyou for everything you have done for me this year. I really appreciate you helping me to reach my potential, helping me to improve my work and believing in me even when i didn't. I can't thank you enough for the time you have dedicated to the independent projects, the fashion show and so much more. You have helped to build my confidence and have made the course so enjoyable'

Thank you for the bracelet Laura M

Thank you Laura H for the wine and my side kick Trish for the beautiful hand made note pad.

I am so grateful for all these beautiful gifts and cards and it is very nice to be appreciated. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Garden Party

You might remember me talking about the preparations for the Garden Party to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary in past posts. Well here are some photos showing you the delicious cakes, random photos and my completed skirt with embroidery.(thanks Jo)

My Mum in the middle with my two sisters either side.

Mum with her cup cake nail art.

I had so many comments about my skirt. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. My friend Jo who embroidered my skirt is so talented and interpreted the flowers beautifully.
Note to self * I must make a hair appointment*
Netting was used for the roses which were hand sewn in place with tual. The Poppy's were cut from red velvet and black seed beads were applied by hand, and finally the shapes from the Foxglove were applied with a metallic silver thread. If time had been on Jo's side this would have travelled right down the skirt & given a clustered feel. It's so pretty & I feel extremely feminine when I wear it.

Cork wedge shoes from DANIELLE past season.

My sisters outfit was really pretty. She looked effortlessly Chic, again another very feminine look.

The floral print top was bought from River Island and the white t.shirt underneath from St.Martins
These gorgeous gold Miss KG  kaluha sandals can be bought from Debenhams and have now been reduced to £39.00

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fashion Show

After what can only be described as an exhausting and chaotic past two weeks I can finally show you some photos from The Mid-Cheshire College Fashion Show 2011.
Every year I have worked & organised back stage, which I am more than happy to do as it always starts out so quiet & peaceful.(Which is a welcome break from the norm) The photos below are mostly backstage random shots and others showing some of my favorite garments/collections that the students designed & manufactured.  x
The quiet before the storm!  It didn't stay this neat & tidy for long.

Gemma & I spent the best part of a day writing this running order that you see taped to the corridor wall.

Backstage hair

Backstage Make-up

Out Front & the tables are ready

Cupcakes, Dips, chips & wine . Yummy !

Backstage with 5 mins to go

The one & only Tricia helping students out with some last min stitching.

A dress designed by my 1st year ED student  Vhee Elchico.

Designed & made by Emily Jackson another of my 1st year ED students. This dress was so well executed and time,care and attention was taken over the hand stitched folded circles that were covering the top bodice. A brilliant piece and you can follow Emily's journey at:

This was designed & made by Aaron Neri & yes you've guessed it, yet another of my ED 1st years. This extravagant dress was based on wealth with its rich choice of colour pallet & abundance of gathered fabric. Aaron had the Patience of a saint when sewing this together.

One of my favorite dresses was by Kathryn Crank a technical genius with an eye for detail. So much talent for a 1st year ED student (as are the others I have shown) My photos truly don't do her garment any justice as hours were spent hand pleating the side panels and every step was considered to make sure she was creating a couture piece with hand rolled hems and perfected  pleats.  A beautiful, Beautiful piece.

Underneath the cape hides more details with the triple strap detail but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph that. : (

The last of my favorites from my 1st year group was Siri Pracharoen. Siri Is extremely creative with her design skills and another student who has an eye for detail. Siri's dress was based on age/growth. The pleated detail represents lines/wrinkles and the shapes play on scale representing growth. The dress itself was a basic fitted shift dress. However the silk fabric pleated shapes were stiffened by painting a solution (sorry can't remember the name of solution) to stiffen & hold pleats in place and then after they had dried they were hand sewn on (which took her hours).  You can follow Siri's progress at

 I have nothing but praise for all of the above designers and know they will go on to do great things.
The next set of images comes from Mandy Tudor, a 2nd year ND and this was her final major project collection based on the Egyptian Gods. This girl is so creative & talented and you could hear a gasp from the audience when her collection went out . Well Done Mandy. x

A favorite dress from the Foundation Degree 2nd Years was a dress created by Rosie Blay from her collection 'Country Couture'  This dress was hand knitted & the bodice was wove.   Absolutely stunning.

And finally the collection 'Wonderland' by Claire Playford  (Foundation Degree 2nd year student) who can be seen in the photo on the left checking the dress on her model. Claire hand dyed her silk fabrics & created strong silhouettes. Her inspiration came from current couture designers.  A stunning sophisticated collection.