Sunday, 3 July 2011

Customized Tee

Imagine my delight when I was handed a bag full of clothing from my best friend and sister Emma. Emma is not one for keeping her clothing long and is constantly clearing out her wardrobe for newer purchases. All the garments as per usual were in brilliant condition and as I sifted through the bag in an excited frenzy I made the decision to be creative and put a pile of goodies aside to customize as material for my blog. Excited at the prospect of having a new project to keep me busy I set to and started with a quick customized t.shirt based on Moschino's Spring Summer 2011 collection which features Black/Red/Blue polka dot prints and  some very soft bows. Their collection is fun & light hearted.x
I started with a plain white Lycra T.shirt and cut up a red & white spotted shirt.

Below is the Moschino collection.

Does anyone else struggle with moving pictures or is it just me?
Back to the T.shirt.

The T.shirt is stretch Lycra and I have made and attached a Polyester bow on the neckline. It has adjustable straps and fits
UK size 10-14
USA size 8-12
France size 38-42
Germany size 36-40
Italy size 42-46
Australia size 12-16
Japan size 11-15

If interested in purchasing please contact me on:

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