Saturday, 2 July 2011

And The Winner Is ..........

The Lucky winners of the Bag giveaway are:
Green & Brown Spot shopper :
Nicole  I love reading Nicole's blog & keeping up to date with her sewing projects. A very talented blogger.
Cynthia   Cynthia's blog is a great read & I would recommend this blog to anyone as she keeps her posts fresh & interesting.

Flower Shopper:
Fabrizia  Fabrizia is a very stylish blogger who travels a lot & blogs about fashion, great content.

Stripe Shopper
Ashley  Ashley is a fabulous fierce plus size diva who blogs about fashion. Her blog is a good read.

Spider and Snail shopper
Wilma Jean  Wilma Jean is an artist/maker who makes and sells art along with some jewellery items, a very talented lady.
Kat  A faithful follower and fashion blogger.

Banksy print Shopper
Emma  Emma posts about outfits and the occasional food, D.I.Y and more. What's great about Emma's blog is that her fun and friendly personality shines through in abundance.

Blue and Brown Spot Shopper
Novia   Novia is a 14 year old blogger from Indonesia who blogs about fashion. I think it's great that a girl so young has the focus and dedication to keep a blog.

Thank you to everyone that follows me and to the above bloggers mentioned, enjoy your bags.  x


  1. Thanks for the very unique shopper bag. It will get lots of attention I know, so I will be sure to send people your way. By for now, I have to check out the other bloggers (winners) pages listed here. Later,
    Wilma Jean

  2. Thanks so much!! :)


  3. Novia to claim prize contact me at with an address so I can post bag to you.

  4. Thanks Nick! I can't wait to check out the other blogs.



  5. Thanks Nick! I really appreciate it! I was trying to find you on twitter so that I could give you a shoutout, if you have one.


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