Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Torie Dress

The photos show a dress I made for my sister to go to a wedding.

Geek Club

Geek- an obsessive enthusiast.
This was the name that was given to the  club I run during lunch hours to give my students a chance to carry out some inderpedent work. Six students signed up for this and what with Pattern Cutting and Manufacture not being the most popular session to a young fashion student, I was pleasantly suprised by the numbers. True to form the numbers dwindled and I have been left with two enthusiasts and myself.   This is Geek Club, with the grand total of Three members and all of us are obsessive enthusiasts for Fashion Design.  Below are photos from the hoody project . They were asked to take apart a hoody, trace a pattern from it and make up in their chosen fabric.   The results were pretty good considering they were 1st year students and never worked with stretch fabrics before.

The Olivia dress

The dress in final fabric.

Olivia Dress

 In my previous post I wrote about Subtraction Cutting. I have totally fallen in love with this method of pattern cutting, it's quicker and there is a certain freedom about it. With the Olivia dress seen below I added a few pin tucks in the front, following the seam line to add drape.


Subtraction Cutting

After attending a Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting seminar in Liverpool last year. I finally got around to experimenting with this different pattern cutting technique. Roberts views the body from a birds eye view and his dresses are based on tubes.A piece of Fabric is sewn together and resembles a sleeping bag with an opening which will become the hem of the dress when finished. Front & Back bodices are thrown on the fabric randomly and joined together with drawn lines which are then cut out and sewn at the shoulder and side seams. Below is my 1st experiment using circles which were sewn together to add more volume. I also mixed two fabrics together to see where they would fall.