Monday, 6 May 2013

Victoria's Beauty x

So, for the last few weeks, my family & I have been busy helping my youngest sister turn the 2 run down units she is renting in to a haven of tranquillity named Victoria's Beauty. This is my sisters new business venture. 

Hand made cards will be on sale (made by my mum)

The draws were found in a shed not being used so I changed the handles to modernise them a little. The table was 2nd hand from a pub so dad sanded it down and painted it cream. The brand new lamp was found on a boot sale for £1.00

The wood effect light shade was bought from NEXT. The horrible cold concrete floor was covered with wooden flooring by good old dad

The plackets slotted in the window at the top of all the blinds are wood which my sister & I covered with fabric. The towel rack was a magazine rack. The brand new IKEA mirrors were found at a boot sale for £4.00

The skirts on the sinks were lovingly hand made by myself along with the chair covers.

The bags made in a previous post are displayed on the wall for sale.

The towel rack was found at a boot sale for £1.00

You can't really see the office chair but it's like new & I found this also from a boot sale for only £3.00

The silver soap dispenser had been bought from Next new but whilst at the boot sale I found the matching bowl to go with it for only £1.00

Yep you guessed it, the magazine rack was found at a boot sale for only £1.00

Love this quote from Coco Chanel. Bought this on line. Will put a small sticky diamante at the end to complete it when I find one.

Bags hanging on the door hook are goody bags I made with sewn on scraps of left over fabric to tie in with the decor.

These plants were placed at the entrance to make it look welcoming. Just need to tie some red satin ribbon around them.

Her sign

Her sign on the door.

Really enjoyed this little make over project but hours spent scouring boot sales took its toll on my poor feet.