Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pebble Purses

Firstly I want to thank you for the kind comments on my wash/make-up bags and your support for my etsy shop. from my last post . x  
 I also spoke about the 'Pebble Purses' I had been sewing and as promised here are the photos.

Why Pebble Purse? because their shape reminds me of pebbles on a beach. This size was designed to keep your money/cash /coins in. It only need to be unzipped a little to open,  but I love the fact that you can fully unzip it so that the 3D shape becomes a flat 2D shape. My sister used to use her Pebble Purse to put her sons dummy (pacifier) in. She always found it straight away when searching for it in her never ending tardis of a baby bag.
My photography skills aren't great and now that it's the summer holidays there is a lack of Photography students/lecturers at work to help out with this. The fact that I didn't notice that piece of hummmm not really sure what it is.........., A bit maybe ??  A bit it is. Attached to the  pink purse and the naff lighting just highlights the fact that I am definitely no professional when it comes to taking photos.  I always wanted to do photography and about nine years ago enrolled on an evening course but didn't last. It was way to technical for me to get my head around.
Why does this worry me? Because whenever I browse through etsy, all the images of items look amazing and I fear my photos do not do my items any favours.   Enough rambling from me would love to hear your comments on the Pebble Purses.

Nick x


  1. so cute!


  2. wow - super cute and creative! too cute


  3. Hi Nick - I love these pebble purses! Especially the pink ones. None on your Etsy shop yet?
    I also love the blog header. Brilliant!
    Jane x

  4. So clever! I love them!
    Jane over at Hook and Yarn has mentioned them and linked to you!
    Gill xx


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