Saturday, 11 June 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy.

Took a trip to the Candle Workshop in an attempt to keep my niece, nephew & little girl amused for the day.
Whilst there I came across the most beautiful bag upstairs in the craft shop. I'm a sucker for shoes & bags and this bag was to die for. It was heavy in weight and not practical for everyday but I continued to justify in my head why I should part with £40 to own this gorgeous item. The best I came up with was hand luggage for when I travelled. Unfortunately the sensible side of my brain kicked in & I walked away & now I'm sitting here wishing I'd bought it.

They had another style(shown in the photo below) which I wasn't as taken with. Much preferred the single clasp fastening & simple design.

Yep perfect for traveling, so much room!

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