Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Introducing Hero

What with this being the busiest two weeks of the year for me with the Fashion Shows on Thursday & Friday, I have very little material to post so I thought I would introduce you to Hero & take a look at Two pieces from his small but delectable wardrobe.
Hero is our  adorable  Two & a half year old  miniature pet Dachshund & makes up the 3rd member of our family.  He was named after the Sci-fy series 'Heros' ( really miss that program, was totally hooked on it). We do get a few strange looks when we call  out his name  in public but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. We love him to bits. x

Thing 2 outfit  - We bought him this from Universal in Florida.  Ammaaaazing place, I was in my element surrounded by all things fictional. Boo has the matching Thing 1 T.shirt and when worn together on a walk it brings a smile to peoples faces.  You gotta love 'Cat In The Hat'.

Classic Trench - Ahh the classic trench coat which has come in handy with all the rain we've been getting lately. I bought this on line  at www.noodleandfriends.com and it cost a pretty penny but he rocks this look.   Noodle & friends is an American label where they design with Dachshunds in mind. All of the garments are meticulously hand cut from select designer quality fabrics and trims and are lovingly hand made for a fair wage by stitchers and seamstresses in America.    I love that they are hand made and that time & attention has been paid to the fabrics, trims & details.


  1. What a cute dog! I think he also has a taste in fashion. =)

    I'm now following yours =)

  2. I featured you on my blog :)

    xx Tanja


  3. ohh a little sausagey type dog, he is adorable..i love his outfit post ;) you are amazingly talented at dressmaking, had a look over your blog today and your maxi skirt is so beautiful...i have had problems finding a perfect one all year, must brush up on my sewing skills!
    lovely blog :)


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