Saturday, 18 June 2011

Comments please!

So as promised here are some photos showing my new design on. Would love to hear your comments & thoughs.

Did hope to get outside to take photos but as usual in sunny England it started to pour down so we took them inside.x

Top, designed and made by myself contact:
Jeans, Levi's low skinny
Heels, KG
Braclet, London Links


  1. cute :) i like it! keep up the great work!

  2. Very cool! I like how you show your process on your blog, that's fantastic. I like your "doodles" you found, too:-) ~Meredith xoxo

  3. I love the structure of your top, the exquisite sleeves and ruffle at the bottom. By personal choice I wouldn't have picked a metallic material, but there's no doubt that you're very talented and your designs are very special. Good luck with any future projects! :)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  4. i really love the shape of it! it would look really good with a blazer!

  5. the top is so gorgeous! im following to keep on top of your work!

    please follow me if you find the time :)

  6. thanks for the comment nick! :) this shirt is gorgeous! I love your design.

  7. wow. I would wear that! great style. the fabric looks cool but the shape is girlie! very nice combination! =)


  8. The shoes rules!


  9. Ohmygosh, I freaking LOVE those shoes! I have a thing for shoes. But that shirt is great too, looks like a perfect "going out" outfit!

    And don't get Ohio confused as a sunny place, haha. It's rained more days than it's been sunny here this year, I think. Crazy wet weather!

  10. Thanks for your comment in my blog!
    I adore this design it is perfectly done!! and so chic!!! I really liked it! of course I´ll follow you!!!


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