Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mad Hatters Tea Party

My parents anniversary is fast approaching and to mark this occasion my mum has decided to have a traditional Garden party with a huge variety of cakes, triangle sandwiches and tea drank out of a cup & saucer the way it should.
As I have been summoned to help organise this event, a 'to do' list has already been drawn up (sad , I know,but my middle name is organisation)
My 1st job is to make the bunting (decorative flags) to go inside the marquee. So I spent most of my breaks today sewing what felt like a million triangle flags together ready to bag out.
Doesn't look that many flags, maybe it's the angle of the photo.
I then returned home to make my daughters dress for this event.  Sticking to the floral theme for the Garden Party I sourced out three disgusting old garments from the boot sale bag each chose for their print, not their style. I then proceeded to cut the garments up into strips and create a very pretty maxi dress for my little girl.
I can see a busy few weeks ahead with the 'to do' list I've got to get through, still at least I've ticked one thing off my list.

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