Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Whilst rooting through all my books and magazines looking for god knows what, I came across a sketchbook I hadn't used in a while. The 1st image is from that treasured sketchbook and was a doodle I drew using charcoal. Each drawing/doodle holds a memory that accompanies it, just like a photograph.A memory in time you cannot erase. I love it when I find something that I forgot I possessed or did. Most of my drawings are of Boo as she is the one person that remains a constant in my life. My doodles are like little treasures to me. The one below was drawn in 2008. (time flys)

2010 Dec

Boo wearing my shoes

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  1. You drew this?Oh gosh!This is so cool.Thanks for comments on http://neverdreamedaboutthis.blogspot.com!
    So great blog!

    xx Tanja


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