Friday, 17 June 2011

Heaven comes in the form of a day off. x

This week has been extremely busy. It has been fittings week at work in preparation for the Fashion Shows next week. So to have a much needed day off to myself today was heaven, it gave me a chance to finish my top. In past posts I have spoke of my parents tea party & showed you images of the maxi skirt I made that is currently with my friend getting embroidery added to it. Well here is the step by step of how I made the top Ta Da! Above image shows my design ( if only I were that thin) and now we begin with the manufacture.

 Firstly I put together the front & back pieces.

The inside
 Then I cut & bagged out the frill trim

 This is what the frill trim looks like once attached.


 I then attached the facing which neatened the neckline & the back button stand.

 Now for the tulip sleeves.I made sure I also bagged these out for a neater finish.

 They look great on . I was really pleased with how they turned out.

They I created the button holes & hand stitched the buttons on.

buttons down the back
 Because I didn't have enough buttons I used two different styles and alternated.

I even managed to get the garden theme in the form of a flower on the buttons.
I'm really happy with how it looks on the hanger but because it's pushing for mid-night and my eyes are heavy(due to wine & lack of sleep from stress) I will have to try it on tomorrow. Will be sure to post photos.
Would love to hear your comments.


  1. Your job sounds like a job I would be interesting in [ getting things fitted for fashion shows ] I love doing the inside work.
    I followed back :)


  2. This is really pretty & unique. I wish I could sew. I love the sleeves.
    I just followed you :)

  3. Hi!!! thanks for your comments!!!
    So in love with this top... I also create clothes!!!
    Do you sell it? xoxo


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