Friday, 10 June 2011

Maxi Skirt x

I gathered the skirt and trapped it in between the yoke& lining

Next I bagged out the yoke to give the waist a neat seam.

Lastly I sewed an invisable zip in the side seam & closed the seam.

In a previous post I showed you a floral summer dress I made for my daughter for the up and coming garden party . I have now turned my attentions to my own outfit. My mind was set on a maxi skirt with volume and I wanted to some how tie in a garden theme. So rather than go for a floral print fabric, I have taken photos of my favorite flowers in the garden and my oh so talented colleague and friend will use these images as a reference for some hand embroidery down the left hand side of the skirt. (This is in progress as I type, but will post finished pics when completed.) Not had any thoughts about what to design for the top, will probably do a little research over the weekend. The images below are the photos that I took to be used for inspiration for the hand embroidery.




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