Saturday, 23 October 2010

Who Needs A Man When You Can Have New Shoes!

They say true love only comes along once in a persons lifetime. In my case it comes along many times in the form of shoes.And after reapeted visits to Russell & Bromley staring through the window at these shoes i finally parted with £155 and purchased my new muse.
Yes, my most recent love affair is with my new Russell & Bromley brogues. The brogue, once only limited to being worn with the office suit have now found themselfs very much in fashion again and back onto the catwalk. This beautiful style shoe is being combined with pretty floral dresses or with a pair of cigarette trousers & a crisp white shirt for an androgynous look.

 How could i not fall in love with the decorative stitching on the toecap(or wingtip if your American)and the quality of this shoe. Unlike the men in my life i feel this love affair will last a lot longer than a couple of months.

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