Friday, 29 October 2010

Made With Love.

Once again with time on my hands my mind turned to Christmas and the subject of gifts and stocking fillers. Amongst some of my most memorable gifts as a child was a clown doll which was hand- made for me by my nan. What made this gift so special was that my nan who i idolized for her sense of style and creativeness had put love, time and care into making this doll for me. With this in mind i rooted through my oh so messy fabric cupboard for remnants of cloth to create CHARLIE.


I found the pattern from a really really old Reader's Digest sewing book & changed the scale of the pattern. Charlie didn't take to long to create but required patience matching up all those curved seams.

Verdict: He turned out well.I like him. Here's hoping my neice & nephew's do. x

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