Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Notable Mention from Giles Deacon!!!

 As featured in a previous post, I entered a Giles Deacon competition on www.showstudio.com where by I downloaded his pattern & manufactured it in some fabric I had lying around my studio. 
No I didn't win but was so excited when I read the text that accompanied the winning entry. See below
'We had lots of incredible re-interpretations of Giles Deacon's The Troubadour dress submitted as part of our Design Download competition. Both Giles Deacon and Nick Knight faced the huge task of siphoning through the submissions and picking their favourite to feature in an exclusive SHOWstudio fashion film.
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the winner of the competition is the very talented Leanne Broadway! Her use of unconventinal material won over the judges, 'I really liked how Leanne had given the dress a new feel and the choice of rubber was great and the execution immaculate,' said Deacon.   
Notable mentions also go to some of the other entrants who impressed our judging duo with their creativity. Knight was struck by Paula Maso and Neliana Fuenmayor's floral entry and Craig Warfield's simple elegant design, while Deacon was keen on Jolie Kay's submission and approved of the fabric of the dress made by Nichola Hanson.'
Wow! Not only did he approve my fabric choice but he was also keen on my 1st year student Jolie Kay's submission. 
A very happy Nick x

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