Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Dress.

Dress: made by myself
Shoes: Carvella

Firstly I must apologize for the quality of the photos. Sorry a bit blurry x
Determined to use the fabrics that have been folded away in my cupboard for months/years I once again set myself another sewing project. I had bought a few patterns a while back and decided to peel open one of them.

The one thing that is slightly annoying about working from bought patterns is the size guide. You follow the guide but every time the garment turns out too big. A dwarf at  5"2  I understand I will always have to shorten clothes but I have learnt to tweak along the way, otherwise I end up making a tent for myself. This dress was no exception. Note to self :ignore size chart in future. I am happy with the results but being a perfectionist I will probably make another with a fabric that falls better and doesn't crease as much as this one. Maybe a crepe dress with chiffon overlay in black or midnight blue. This dress had way too many steps and  was a little complex to do a tutorial so have only posted a few photos of how I made it.

At this point I had pleated the 2nd layer and tacked to the base layer of the dress.

I sewed in a centered zip to the side seam.

I faced the armholes to conceal raw edges.

This was the the neck piece and my favorite part of the dress. It has 3 layers to it and the base layer goes in a different direction.

I attached the neck piece to the dress.

Lastly I hemmed the dress and the pleated layer.

Nick x


  1. So interesting and beautiful! So jealous of your skill, also, LOVING those shoes! xo

  2. that colour really suits you :)
    and I love your shoes and the fact that it has the layer, it looks really nice.

  3. That dress look beautiful on you! You are an amazing designer!

  4. I think your fabric choice was better than the one used for the pattern. It's the simpler and lighter fabric. You can see the design clearer. And tell Boo "Thanks". I will try to keep my posts interesting for my smartest fan;)

  5. opened shoulders is a good idea - and it suits you very well! =)

  6. Love the dress, it looks fantastic on you. I know what you mean about the sizing. I've read that Vogue patterns include a 1 inch allowance for ease of wear, but it really just makes things not fit properly. I've started cutting patterns a size down from what I would normally so that my pieces will fit the way I want them to.

  7. Wow, how talented are you!! The dress looks fab :).

    Sadie xx


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