Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Busy Bee

It's the school holidays and things are busier than ever. Primarily I am a taxi service to Boo and her cousin Jaz who seam to have a much better social life than myself. There have been five birthday party's recently,  swimming lessons every day in the lead up to our summer holiday next week, karate, entertainment in the form of the cinema, park and friends over to play. I am exhausted and have clocked up quite a few miles on my little cars mileage. I did however get taken to see a musical which was a welcome break from the norm. Hollywood Story 2, it was a collective of songs from Hollywood films and musicals. What with me being a film geek I really enjoyed it.
Sunday I had to travel to South Yorkshire as Boo had a karate competition. This is a photo of her in action.
She has been doing it for 2 years now and is pretty good. I'm really proud of her. She is quite a focused and confident little girl and trains 3 to 4 nights a week. Not sure I could get up in front of a crowd and do what she does.
Anyhow I did manage to fit some sewing in. My mum is decorating the spare room for her grandchildren and had seen some curtains in NEXT where they had been decorated with a rruffled heart.  Rather than her buy a brand new pair of curtains I decorated the plain ones she had and while the sewing machine was out I re-covered some small pillows to match, along with a matching heart to hang off the bed post.

Nick x


  1. Wow, look at her go! I'm impressed! Love the fabric for the pillows! xo

  2. awwww it is a princess room!^^
    so cute!

  3. Aw, she's so cute, my little sister does martial arts too, i think it's a great confidence booster and defence for them. The room looks beautful <3.

    Sadie xx

  4. Cute idea :) love the heart on the curtains!


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