Sunday, 3 June 2012


Not having had any free time to carry out any of my own creative projects, I jumped at the chance to help my daughter with her Olympics project whereby she designed a coat based on the Olympic images she found on the Internet. Firstly I had to draw up a pattern for her based on her drawing. I then had to cut all the pieces from fabric (there were too many to mention)  At this point I wondered if the challenge may have been a little ambitious for her.

I chalked on the lines & it took all her concentration to sew over them using her tiny domestic sewing machine.

 Da Da! after two nights of sewing & unpicking she had sewn the front & back lining of the coat. The fabric represented the Olympics being held in London.

 The gold curtain hoops were placed in a back panel. They were gold because she wanted them to represent gold medals.
 Another night spent stitching & by this point she was using terminology such as un-pick & back tack.  
 She wanted the collar to be shaped like the Olympic torch & flames coming from the top. I couldn't accommodate with the flames so we had to compromise on sequins in flame colours.
 Another late night but the outside pieces of the coat were sewn together. I was at this point extremely proud & shocked at her patience & skill for sewing slightly curved seams. The colour choice came from the Olympic rings & the seam lines represented the running lanes on a running track.
 This is where I took over & added a waist band concealing elastic & a waist tie
 I then had to insert the open end red zip, cuffing & and attach the shell to the lining.
 And there you have it. One very elaborate, creative school project. As you can tell from the smile on her face she was pretty pleased with herself.  So much so that she has now moved on to do a bit of embroidery for a school competition.    

Well Done Boo  x


  1. Wow - she's certainly inherited her mothers' creativity! It's fantastic. Seems like an amazingly tough project for school though!!!

  2. It was the Olympics that was set as a school project. The coat was independent work. x


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